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17 maj 2011
ISSMGE TC211 - IS-Ground Improvement Brussels 2012- extension of deadline for abstract submission

Dear colleague,


The deadline to submit abstracts for the ISSMGE-TC 211 Ground Improvement International Symposium & Short Courses on “Recent  Research, Advances & Execution aspects of Ground Improvement Works”, IS-GI Brussels 2012, is extended until 10 June 2011.


This decision has been taken based on many requests from persons still willing to introduce an abstract (almost 100 abstracts at expiration of the first deadline) in the coming weeks.


Please find enclosed the first announcement with call for abstracts and pre-registration form, as well as a template for abstracts and the sponsoring conditions.


More info will be available on the symposium website : www.bbri.be/go/IS-GI-2012


We would like to ask you to distribute this information to other possible interested contacts.

Thank you in advance.


Best Regards,

Serge Varaksin & Jan Maertens, Chairmen TC 211

Noël Huybrechts, Secretary TC 211

1st_announcment IS-GI-2012+pre-registration.pdf
IS-GI-2012-Sponsoring options.pdf 


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