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24 januari 2011
NGM 2012 - Bulletin 2 - Call for abstract
Nordic Geotechnical Meeting - NGM 20129-12 May 2012,
Tivoli Congress Center, Copenhagen, Denmark 

On behalf of the Danish Geotechnical Society it is a pleasure to invite you to attend the Nordic Geotecnical Meeting (NGM) in Copenhagen 9th – 12th of May 2012. This conference will be the 16th NGM, where the last was held in Sandefjord in Norway, 2008. The aim of the conference is to strengthen the relationships between practicing engineers, researchers, and scientists in the Nordic region within the fields of geotechnics and engineering geology. All are invited to share theirexperience and knowledge with their Nordic colleagues. The conference is held at Tivoli Congress Center in the centre of Copenhagen, Denmark. For further information please see www.tivolicongresscenter.dk. We welcome accompanying persons to the conference, a separate day programme will not be present but information on activities in Copenhagen will be available.

Abstracts, papers and proceedings
We invite you to submit an abstract(s), no more than 300 words for review. Abstracts must be submitted online before May 30th, 2011. A link to online submission is provided on www.ngm2012.dk.

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