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21 december 2010
Press Release - DFI
Deep Foundations Institute
DFI Color Logo 
December 2011 Press Release
2011 Technical Event Schedule
Hawthorne, NJ - December 20, 2011 - Deep Foundations Institute is proud to announce its preliminary technical event schedule for 2011.  Please mark your calendars for the events that are pertinent to you and your organization's areas of focus and interest.  Registration is open for some events already as indicated and in other cases presentation proposals are being sought.  We look forward to your attendance at one or more DFI event next year.  Updates to this schedule are frequently made and can be viewed here.
Current Topics in Soil Nailing/ Tiebacks and Landslide Stabilization Practices
February 24 - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
This one-day seminar is organized by Deep Foundations Institute and the Geotechnical Society of Edmonton and programmed jointly by DFI's Technical Committees on Soil Nails and Tiebacks and Landslide and Slope Stabilization.  Geotechnical specialists from academia and industry will present the fundamentals of design and construction for soil nail/tiebacks and landslide/slope stabilization practices and case histories and advances in construction methods.  Fundamentals will cover an overview of the appropriate geotechnical site conditions where these techniques are typically used, basic design approaches, materials and methods, limitations and references for additional learning.  Presentations will highlight specialty design and construction solutions using a strength reduction design method, hollow bars as soil nails and micropiles, launched soil nails, drainage combined with platypus anchors, jet grouting with micropiles, Platepiles and deep mixing.  A panel discussion will follow the presentations allowing time for questions and answers and interaction between speakers and attendees.  Exhibit space and sponsorship opportunities are available.
DFI Color LogoPDCA Logo
DFI-PDCA Driven Pile: A Technical Seminar
March 3 - Chicago, IL
A one-day seminar designed for structural, civil, and geotechnical engineers; contractors and other firms or individuals who support, conduct business or are associated with the pile driving industry. Presentations on driven pile design, construction and quality control in general as well as specific to the Chicago area will be made and exhibitors will be on hand to demonstrate and explain their products and services.  Sponsorship opportunities are available.
Following GeoFrontiers 2011
March 17 - Dallas, TX
DFI's Helical Foundations and Tiebacks Technical Committee is holding a one day Seminar in conjunction with GeoFrontiers 2011.  The topic is the proper design, application and installation of Helical Foundations and Helical Tiebacks with the main focus on "innovative foundations for fuel and energy production".  You can expect to see topics of specific local interest.  Exhibit space and sponsorship opportunities are available.
Student Symposium - Innovative Developments in Foundation Design and Construction
April 1 - Berkeley, CA
This one day symposium is being organized by DFI's University of California, Berkeley Student Chapter primarily for the faculty and student body, however limited space is available for practitioner attendance.  Presentations will focus on Innovations and Recent Developments in Foundation Design and Construction.  Any proceeds raised by practitioner attendance or sponsorship will benefit the DFI Educational Trust, a charitable arm of DFI which funds university and high school scholarships as well as student outreach activities.  A portion of your registration fee or the total of your sponsorship donation will qualify as a tax deductible contribution to the Trust.
Deep Soil Mixing Short Course
April 7-8 - New Orleans, LA
This is a one and a half-day course with the first day programmed to attract a wide audience and cover the history, future trends, applications, advantages and disadvantages in deep mixing, construction methods, case histories, QA/QC and basic design. Day two's half-day session will get into the nuts and bolts of design. Exhibit space and sponsorship opportunities are available.
DFI Color LogoADSC logo
DFI-ADSC Micropile Design and Construction Seminar
May 3-4 - Little Rock, AR

A day and a half event to discuss the history of micropiles, design and construction, industry challenges, load testing, material and equipment, quality control, and selected case histories. This seminar will include a presentation on LRFD for micropiles in response to increased interest in the subject. The event will feature presentations from the leading North American and worldwide experts on micropile design and construction.

More information will be posted as it becomes available. Make plans to attend this year's event.  Exhibitor spaces and sponsorship opportunities are available. Please visit the ADSC website for details or call 469.359.6000.

DFI Color LogoCSCE Logo
DFI-CSCE Workshop: Reinforced Soil Wall and Slopes
May 6 - New Haven CT
This short course will focus on the design and construction of mechanically stabilized earth walls (MSEW) and reinforced soil slopes (RSS). A brief background of the history and applications of reinforced soil technologies will be presented including the advantages, economic considerations, and limitations compared to other conventional practices. Design, selection of reinforcing materials, specification and construction will be covered. Special issues that result in undesirable performance will be reviewed.
SuperPile 2011
May 12-13 - Charleston, SC
Six of DFI's technical committees are organizing this two-day event consisting of sessions on the subjects of Driven Piles, Augered Cast-in-Place/Drilled Displacement Piles, Micropiles, deep foundation application in the Marine environment, the testing and evaluation of foundation systems as well as design for seismic considerations. Presentations will focus on concept/method, historical development, theory and design, system specifications, system attributes and ideas for future development. Given that 2011 is the 125th Anniversary of the 1886 Charleston Earthquake, presentations that focus on seismic issues are planned. Equipment, material and instrumentation suppliers and vendors will be presenting their services as well in the exhibit hall.  Sponsorship opportunities available.  

September 12-14 - Hyderabad, India

With the growing market demand for infrastructure projects coupled with faster and more cost effective construction, piling companies are looking to adopt best practice solutions to build quality foundations for their projects. this conference will act as a platform for piling and foundation professionals from all over the world to engage in a variety of discussions focusing on the latest innovations, developments, challenges and practical solutions for the geotechnical conditions of the Indian market.

Call For Presentation Proposals - Deadline December 20, 2010
36th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations
October 18-21 - Boston, MA

DFI's 36th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations is the premier event for industry members from across the globe to gather and share experiences, exchange ideas and learn the current state-of-the-practice from various disciplines such as engineers, contractors, suppliers, manufacturers and academicians. You can expect to see presentations on Case Histories, Evolution and Change in Deep Foundation Design and Construction, Innovations and Advancements in Deep Foundations, Renovations and Retrofits of Existing and Unique Solutions for Constrained Urban Areas among others.  Please mark your calendar and join us in Boston in 2011.   Exhibit and sponsorship opportunities are available.

Deep Foundations Institute was incorporated in 1976 in the State of New Jersey as a 501(c)(6) non-profit association. DFI can best be described as being a technical association of firms and individuals in the deep foundations and related industry. The Institute membership is worldwide.
DFI asks that you publish these events in your publications, on your websites and in any industry event calendars as appropriate.

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Press Release - DFI
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