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The Program

Welcome to Grundläggningsdagen (The Foundation Day)
- the annual meetingplace for geotechnicians since 1978!

Thursday 12th of March 2020

Stockholm International Fairs


GD 2020 has four main themes:

Around the country
What is happening in our country today.
Interesting projects in your region.

Little stars
A modern classic returns, again
- For those below 35 years of age!
Seniors, help us to encourage our young
engineers. As usual, the word is free!

Breaking News
News, and new thinking, innovations and new methods.
Something broke and something that held.

On track
Where are we heading? Infrastructural projects
- are we travelling first class or coach?

Note that parallel sessions will be held during session 2 and 3, with a focus on research and development projects.


View the program for GD 2020


Partner companies:

bjerking.se           kojapohyr.se           ssab.se

About GD

The Foundation Day is the meeting point for people and companies in the geotechnical field (contractors, consultants, entrepreneurs, suppliers, students etc) with 800 participants and over 70 companies in the exhibition.

We are happy to note that over the last six years there has been an increase of people visiting the foundation day from other european countries. Obviously, international companies in the geotechnical field has focused on this day and has seen its potential.

The Program

View the program here


Registration is open

The Exhibition

See the list of exhibitors

The new and improved GD app

Available for download where you find apps.
Search for: Grundlaggningsdagen or GD-appen
Install and use the event code: gdapp

Or scan a QR-code below.
For iPhone / iPad:              For Android:


Don’t forget “The day before GD”. In the evening 11th of March you will be given the opportunity to hear presentations from the nominated to our Master Thesis award. Stay tuned for separate information.

The Foundation Day (GD) is hosted by the Swedish Geotechnical Society - SGF
The Working Group for GD plans and executes the annual Foundation Day as their main task.

Technical organizer is: Omnium AB - www.omnium.se

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