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SGF utvärdering 2017
SGFs kalender 2017
SGF rapport 1:2014 - Riskhantering - Engelska
Bilder - Dagen-innan-GD 2017
Bästa Examensarbete 2016
Sven Hansbos Pris 2017
Rolf Brinks Pris 2017
Bilder - GD 2017 med middag
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SGF rapport 1:2014
Risk management in geotechnical engineering Projects - requirements

Now SGFs rapport 1:2014 is available in English

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About the content of the report

The purpose of the method descriptions is to be renowned tools for geotechnical engineers working in practice. Using this method description promotes a common view on geotechnical risk management in the construction industry. This makes risk management performed in accordance to this method description an indication of quality that may be useful in tendering of consultancy work and construction, as well as when taking out insurances.

The purpose is however not to aspire to be a code; instead this method description may be used as a support in applying other standards, such as the ISO 31000 Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines and IEC/ISO 31010 Risk Management – Risk Assessment Techniques.

Only the main text, which contains the requirements, is defined as a method description. The appendices provide support for its application.
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