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Dagen-innan-GD: Minikurs

Dilatometer and Seismic Dilatometer for soil characterization

Föreläsare Diego Marchetti & Tara Wood
Beskrivning The course illustrates the Flat Dilatometer (DMT) and Seismic Dilatometer (SDMT) instrumentation currently used in 82 countries. The presented topics will include: working principle of the equipment, test procedures, field results and data processing for obtaining geotechnical parameters used in common engineering applications. Example of results will be presented for a wide range of soils, including soft clay, in world-wide projects and also in Swedish territory. Comparisons of results with other geotechnical equipment will be shown, including CPT, Shear Vain, Pressuremeter and Laboratory tests.
Kursmål  At the end of the mini-course participants will have a clear picture of the DMT and SDMT technology and the geotechnical parameters it may provide for soil characterization. In all future projects, they will consider the benefits of employing this cost-effective equipment to improve soil investigations and optimize their geotechnical design.
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Uppdaterat 2020-01-09
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