Welcome to Grundläggningsdagen (The Foundation Day)
- the annual meetingplace for geotechnicians since 1978!


Due to the cancellation of Grundläggningsdagen we wish to once more apologize
for the circumstances and inconviences this may have caused you
as exhibitors, speakers and participants.

We are now working to clarify the consequences of the cancelled event, and
we understand that you have lots of questions, but we urge you kindly to be patient.
We will inform you as soon as we have any more information to share.

Best Regards
The Working Group of GD and SGF’s board

Partner companies:

bjerking.se           kojapohyr.se           ssab.se

The Foundation Day (GD) is hosted by the Swedish Geotechnical Society - SGF
The Working Group for GD plans and executes the annual Foundation Day as their main task.

Technical organizer is: Omnium AB - www.omnium.se

Uppdaterat 2020-03-23